Business Sales & Acquisitions

We assist both buyers and sellers in confidentially completing the sale of their business. Our experienced team can properly analyze the business in order to provide a realistic opinion of value whether searching for businesses to buy or getting a business ready to sell. We diligently work with you throughout the entire process to a successful conclusion. To learn more, visit our sales process page.

Equipment Appraisals


Franchise Analysis


3rd Party Valuations

We can provide a detailed equipment appraisal for a variety of applications. We consult with America's largest equipment appraisal firm to deliver the most comprehensive valuations available. 


Purchasing a franchise opportunity can be an attractive way to acquire a new business. At Great Hills Group LLC, we will meet with you to discuss your parameters. Then, we will research the marketplace for viable opportunities and can interface with the franchisor on your behalf.


While not required, an independent third-party appraisal can be invaluable in dealing with this issue particularly in cases where the value of the business exceeds $250,000.  At Great Hills Group, we utilize the services of America’s largest provider of independent appraisals to provide these reports for our clients.  Providing reports for thousands of clients each year, they have the largest database of closed sales in the nation, and can determine value, deal structures, and recommendations to enhance the offering,  backed by a comprehensive, professionally prepared document.   In this way, an owner can set the offering price for the business and expect realistic offers, resulting in higher final sales prices, generally in a shorter time frame.

We know how difficult it can be to buy or sell a business -- it takes time, money, and hard work. We believe the process begins well before you're actually taking the steps to begin. That's why our team is prepared to consult with you even before you decide to start buying or selling your business.