of a business is a complex and subjective matter.  There are myriad factors that are relevant in determining a business’s value and the analysis of the data can be subject to interpretation. Experience has shown that prospective buyers tend to excessively negotiate a seller’s offering price when determined by the owner, his accountant, or the broker.

An independent third-party appraisal can be invaluable in dealing with this issue particularly in cases where the value of the business exceeds $250,000.  At Great Hills Group, we utilize the services of America’s largest provider of independent appraisals to provide these reports for our clients.  Providing reports for thousands of clients each year, they have the largest database of closed sales in the nation, and can determine value, deal structures, and recommendations to enhance the offering,  backed by a comprehensive, professionally prepared document.   In this way, an owner can set the offering price for the business and expect realistic offers, resulting in higher final sales prices, generally in a shorter time frame.